The Future of Email Marketing


The future of email marketing is changing dramatically. In the recent years, email marketing has changed many faces. Each year brings new trends and the earlier marketers adopt these changes, the better chance they have of winning the internet marketing game. We have collected 10 email marketing trend predictions for the year 2016, by the world renowned marketing advisors.

  1. Chad White:

It is anticipated that email marketing is going to experience a re-birth in the year 2016. Thanks to the emphasize on mobile optimization, more insights and more integrations from data

  1. Daniel Codella:

Email automation tools are useful. In 2016 however, they will become more important, offering marketers a better way to employ them creatively with an ever rising list of triggers.

  1. Alex Williams

Gmail is going to introduce style support for their webmail clients as well as media query support for their mobile apps to allow marketers, email designers and ESPs to ensure Gmail users leave with a great mobile and desktop experience

  1. Elliot Ross

2016 is going to be the year of new modular template design. Marketers will have access to different versions of a single template instead of each of them being heavy, different and complex.

  1. Kraig Swensrud

2016 will be the year in which coding emails would rest peacefully in past. In 2016, anyone could design professional and beautiful email campaigns by using the drag and drop technology.

  1. Phillip Storey

Marketers in 2016 will be spending more time on automation as compared to email broadcasts and scheduled campaigns.

  1. Justin Khoo

With the use of powerful animation and true user interactivity, it is a matter of time before the Kinetic email comes into mainstream use.

  1. Jaymin Bhuptani

Jaymin also predicts that the year 2016 will bring forth the power and influence of interactivity and animation in emails.

  1. Kath Pay

Machine learning will take both personalization and automation to a new level. Email marketers should be prepared for more learning technology that will be made available in the year 2016. Be ready to avail the benefits.

  1. Jordie Van Rijn

In 2016, we will be marketing automation and email marketing fields coming together. Toning down the expectation, automation and email are going to come together as a perfect mix

Email marketing is to be personalized and in real time. Every single customer view is going to become a reality. Email marketing is turning into a performance channel. Furthermore, many marketers are deprived of the complete information of email marketing potential. The new trends have changed not only the marketing ways but the customer traffic. 2016 is predicted to be the year which will encourage more shopping with interactive emails. A new wave of investors is expected to invest on email career. Outlook is likely to introduce new rendering/client engine. Regardless of how mainstream emails were thought to be, email marketing seems to be rising back with a bang.

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