New Face of B2B Marketing


This article provides a brief review of how marketers should respond to the digitally changed behavior of consumers in buying cycle, delivering content where it is most required and focusing on the sales generating effects of SEO.

New Realities Demand New Responses:

By empowering consumers with the ability to conduct their own research, Internet has developed a “closed virtual environment”, which is separate from salespeople, and decision making element is solely based on their personal consideration.

Buyers wish to evaluate the market trends, establish the authenticity of brands and the accuracy of their claims concerning their services and products and validate their own needs. Customers are no longer waiting for a salesman’s call; they now find their answers online. Provided that, for businesses it has become imperative to be visible online while ensuring the availability of content which provides appropriate answers to the buyers at each part of the buying cycle.

Self-research has caused a rise in content marketing. Organizations now spend 28% of their budget of marketing on content. Still, many of them miss the mark. The reason is simple: the content procedures are not adopting the digital environment well.

Effectiveness of Earned and Owned Content:

To fully utilize the content marketing efforts in chase of profitable sales, it is important for B2Bs to have more emphasis on earned and owned channels. In the owned channel, a website has one purpose: to bring forth buying decision influencers to your proposal while provoking an action. In simple words, it means to spare significant effort and time on mapping out of behavior and journey of customer and building a coherent and clear design which allows the influencers to find relevant and credible information intuitively and quickly.

Brands in the past few years have become much more aware of this requirement, however far too many brand owners have fell short on developing a productive experience for browsers.

Special Delivery: Right Thing in The Right Place

Shortfalls in browsing experience are common, particularly in mobile browsing. Marketers or those involved in the business decision plans are not always doing their research. According to the research issued in 2013 by Forbes Magazine, more than 40% executives had used their mobile devices for their purchasing decisions that exceeded $100,000.

Mobile-optimized designed does not only mean having a website which is mobile responsive. It should have a design on which the content displays itself beautifully on an iPhone, with infographics and blog posts easily readable. The fact that numerous brands still undermine the importance of a mobile efficient design is puzzling, provided how publically Google claimed its favor for mobile friendly websites.

As provided by search giants, 89% users looking for a B2B purchase use Web while doing a research, and more than 71% starting with a generic search.

Search Saves Content

There is no denying the power of Web. For marketers it is important to gain endorsement of search engines- giving them reasons to list your content in their search results, prominently. This probably is the most influential form of earned promotion.

Regardless of its effectiveness, marketers keep undermining its use in their marketing tactics Digital visibility, mostly through platforms and channels which provide an endorsement of authenticity and credibility of content is significant for B2b marketers.

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