From Visitor To A Loyal Customer


It is common for merchants to spend a great deal on customer acquisition. Internet Marketing today is at a point where the more you invest on customer experience, the better chance you have of persuading them into making a purchase. Many online brands have a different strategies of retaining their customer’s attention. However, only a few of them succeed at turning a lead into a loyal customer, who would return back to their website time after time.

Below are the few things all website owners should do to turn their visitors into frequent buyers.

  1. Show Them You Care:

No matter how much a customer critics you, they are by the end of the day the cause of all your profit. To maintain your credibility online, consider it imperative to immediately respond to the dissatisfaction of your customer. Make sure that the voice of your visitor is heard with a personal and gracious response.

Consider it absolute to respond to the queries of your customers/visitors. The more intelligently you deal with the concerns of your clients, the better it will help you in the turning them into a regular follower. So ask yourself “Are your customers satisfied”?

  1. Long Term Planning

Short term plans are as good as seasonal sales. However, if you are planning to maintain your pace on the digital platform for a long time, visualize your success with effective long term planning. Delight your clients by valuing and respecting them. Once you have provided them a service, start working on nurturing your relationships with them.

Anytime a visitor shares his/her views on your social media page or website, leave a generous and positive feedback. Clients are curious about the relationship they can have with those they work with. You win when your customer wins.

  1. Reward Based Programs

Human beings are the same both on a virtual platform or when there is a sale at a fashion store. One of the best way to entice your visitors is through reward based programs. For instance, B1G1 free promos, punch cards, or point earning when purchasing a product helps enhance the percentage of guest visitors you receive.

  1. Offering a Great service

Service irregularity indicates a failure of turning your leads into potential customer. Failing to deliver what is promised immediately influences the expectations of your customers. You start losing their trust, and that is certainly not what you want. Educate and train your employees to ensure that your visitors receive best experience possible. Ensure that your web page is user friendly and easy to navigate and has no URL errors.

  1. Something New Every Time

Ensure that your website has something new each time your visitor returns. This excites the visitor and gives them the confidence that you are functioning in real time. New content, new offers, new products and new services are always exciting. The more active you are, the better chance you have of impressing your visitors and search engines simultaneously.  

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